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vrphobia.eu • Dr. Mark Wiederhold Featured on the Price of Business.com | Blog

Dr. Mark Wiederhold Featured on the Price of Business.com

Written by: Brenda Wiederhold

Dr. Mark Wiederhold of the Virtual Reality Medical Center in San Diego, California, was interviewed by Dr. Colleen Mullen of CoachingThroughChaos.com. Check out the links below to read the article and listen to the podcast!


Article: http://priceofbusiness.com/virtual-reality-dedication-know-how-passion-the-virtual-reality-medical-center-what-an-experience/

Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/coachingthroughchaos/001-virtual-reality-medical-center-w-dr-mwiederhold


For more information about Dr. Colleen Mullen or about becoming a guest on the podcast, please check out CoachingThroughChaos.com


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